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Welcome to Blogging with Cherry Tree Digital Designs! We are so glad you have decided to stop by and we hope our free information will help you with your project or inspire you to create something new! Many will ask why another blog site with crafting information? Aren’t there several already on the internet? Sure there is but we all teach differently just as we all learn differently. I have been embroidering for about 8 years, using various vinyl cutters for about 5 and have helped so many thru my own learning experience I finally figured I would document it all in one location. I have tried in the past to link people to other tutorials I found useful but found even myself lost in ads, with slow load times on many sites. So with that said my site will be different to where ads will only be on the side of the page, and direct links to any deals that specific blog post is about. All of our information will forever be free of charge. No monthly fees, no paying for help! How can we do this you ask? It is easy we have a few advertisements here on our pages, as well as a donation button, this is what helps pay the bills or buy supplies for new projects to show you. Anyone that may purchase by clicking one of our links pays the same price they would otherwise but we get a small percentage for showing you a cool new product or service. Bookmark our site and visit us often as we will continue to add new material regularly!

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